Our oldest daughter really enjoyed the cultural activities. I couldn’t believe it when she came home at age 3 with knowledge of the continents and oceans. To this day (at age 7) she retains that information and it has helped her tremendously with her mapping activities and geography.
My 5-year-old can add 3-digit numbers together and carry the remainder.  He is beginning to multiply numbers together.  He is reading Level 2 readers and knows all the countries in South America and Asia.  The most amazing tool in the classroom, in my opinion, are the puzzle maps of the world.
Our son’s vocabulary has expanded tremendously during his time at MSC.  I am often amazed at the new words he has learned. I remember my 4-year-old coming home and describing ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore’ to me…I was pretty impressed.
The Montessori School of Cambridge has supported my children in learning “their way” through experimentation, gentle guidance and excitement about the journey of learning.