Our Team

In order for our children to succeed, teachers, parents, the Board and the Principal all have roles to play. Each role is critical to the continued success and growth of our school.


  • guide each child based on his/her unique learning needs
  • recognize that parents are the most influential and have intimate knowledge of their children
  • work as active partners with parents in educating children and promoting their optimal development
  • are committed to the Montessori educational approach


Are welcome to become involved in their children’s education by:

  • coming to observe a class in session at a time prearranged with their child’s teacher
  • reviewing and responding to written reports on their child’s progress
  • conferencing with teachers
  • reading the “sandpaper letter” and contributing articles
  • reading the monthly e-news e-mails
  • supporting the philosophy of the school through attending parent-teacher nights and reading to learn about Montessori education
  • inviting friends and neighbours to school open houses and events
  • attending annual General Meeting each Fall
  • supporting fundraising and school spirit events
  • volunteering

Volunteer Board of Directors

  • is entrusted to work within the school’s philosophies and mission statement
  • responds positively to parents’ concerns and refers concerns to the Principal
  • makes viability related financial decisions
  • plans for the future of the school

The Principal

  • implements the school’s philosophy and mission statement on a day-to-day basis
  • provides a vision for the future of the school
  • is responsible, ultimately, for the delivery of education true to the school’s mission
  • works with the Business Manager to prepare and oversee the school’s budget and sees that facilities support programs
  • oversees the school’s fundraising activities
  • is the school’s official representative to the outside community
  • is responsible for all hiring of staff and personnel matters
  • has the role of admissions officer