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Are you interested in a Montessori education for your Toddler, Preschool or Elementary child? Contact us to book a personal tour of our school. Seeing is believing! As only one of a very few not-for-profit Montessori schools in Canada, established in 1972, we now happily serve the children of our first students.

Why Enroll at MSC?

Our families tell us they enroll and continue to enroll because of four aspects of the programs at MSC; Montessori philosophy and educational approach; wealth of learning materials; low pupil to guide ratio and experienced guides with specialize training.

At the Montessori School of Cambridge, children are:

  • Given a nurturing, orderly, prepared learning environment
  • Guided by sequential, age-appropriate curriculum
  • Recognized and known as individuals eager to learn
  • Granted freedom to choose their learning activities
  • Encouraged to work at their own pace and achieve their personal best

Toddler, Primary & Elementary Programs

Toddler Community


The goals of our Toddler Community are to provide for the child a loving, secure environment away from home, trusting relationships with other new adults, opportunities for independence, language acquisition and movement. Toddlers explore Montessori through experiences in sensorial, practical life, cooking, independence, language and movement through song and dance.

*Half day mornings and full day options are available.



Primary environments are made up of children between two and a half to six years of age. The main goal of our Montessori environment is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. Students choose activities shown by their Montessori guides and repeat them independently or with their peers. The guide also directs the children to choose from different areas in the environment to become more balanced and well rounded. With successful experiences, children gain self-confidence and independence. Skills are developed naturally as the children’s desire to learn leads them to repeat activities. In addition, the patterns of concentration, persistence and thoroughness established in early childhood produce a confident and competent learner in later years.

One of Dr. Montessori’s primary insights was that young children are engaged in a supremely creative act – that of creating the unique individual they are to become!

*Half day mornings and full day options are available.



The distinguishing features of the Montessori approach continue to underpin the Montessori curriculum for children aged 6 to 12. On the basis that children are active information seekers and need to be active in their own development, they are given the freedom to learn through their own activity and exploration. Through this process, they become increasingly independent.

The curriculum aims to develop in children the qualities of self-confidence, self-direction, self-discipline and persistence, in tandem with the ability to concentrate, to move with coordination, to interact with others with courtesy and to take responsibility for the order of the environment and for their own learning. Dr. Montessori saw education as a means through which children had the possibility of eventually arriving at a mature independent adulthood. Her philosophy is not limited to “school and learning” but to see education as a fundamental aspect of the formation of humans.

Program Statement

Montessori pedagogy which guides the Montessori School of Cambridge and the programming offered at the school is consistent with “How Does Learning Happen?”  Understanding the young child’s immense potential and extreme vulnerability is key to the role of the adult in our early learning and child care for the 18 month to 6 year-olds whom we serve.  “Everything we do with children is education for Life.”  We see children as unique, extremely capable and intrinsically motivated through inborn curiosity, Dr. Montessori called the phenomenon “the absorbent mind”.  They come to us with diverse experiences; we see them as constructors of their own knowledge.

Accessibility Statement

MSC welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Interested in a Montessori education?